Together is a project with a different approach of what a collage exhibition could be. We are 5 Italian and 5 Greek collage artists who worked Together in pairs of two for a collaborative exhibition set to take place in Thessaloniki. We are merging our collage techniques into one piece. Each of us, either ‘started’ the collaborative collage or ‘finished’ it, creating in this way a piece of art that stands on its own. We tried to understand each other’s artistic language and followed each other’s visual cues on medium and composition. The exciting part in this project wasn’t the merging as much as the alignment of our artistic styles and languages. It was very interesting for us to see the progress on our ‘half’. We Together, decided to keep the visual dialogue ongoing with a big workshop on the first day of our expo. This day visitors joined this project by making their own collage and put it on the wall of the expo.


Italy: Walter Paganuzzi, TeatroBalocco, Paolo Cabrini, Ermanno Cavaliere

Greece:Lane, Giorgos Chronis, Anna Sandalaki, Timwnas Timwn, Nopi Fountoukidou

Organized by Walter Paganuzzi Collage / Gli informali – International Collage Artist Collective