Handmade Collage made of magazine clippings based on street view photos. Special thanks to Cleon Adonis Santos (Portugal), Lucas Ross (Czech Republic), Alborz Teymoorzadeh (Iran), Silvio Severino (Brazil) Kallirroi Trentzidou (Greece), Dimitris Chantzaras (Greece), Afroditi Ioannou (Greece) and Alexandros Katsamakis (Greece) for letting me convert their photos to collage.

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Live fast, die young, is said to be the favorite moto of James Dean, who remained true to his beliefs. A phrase, that seems to have been adopted by many artistic figures. They lived wildly, unconditionally, they left us early, but they managed to create a legend behind their name, behind their image. This is the image i tried to compose by using the collage technique, gathering unshaped little pieces of magazines, that contain letters and obejcts of different colors. At first glance, they might look irrelevant to each other, but when they come together, they compose the final figures. Figures, that in time will remain forever young…

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