Rooftop Revolutionaries are a modern hard rock band from Los Angeles, CA. They express political and social views in their songs, blending a message with a punishing sound similar to that of Shinedown, Chevelle and Alice in Chains. They create music forthe movement to Get Money Out of politics; to return the power to the people. Every issue in their country, from education, health care,war, poverty, economy and the environment can be traced back to the corrupting influence of money in politics.

It was a pleasure surprise for me when Eleanor Goldfield asked me to make a collage so she can use it as a cover for the third and final of their series of 3 (Red, White and Blue). On this album the group bare their roots – all the jagged edges that made them musicians in the first place. It is much more introspective. This EP stems from the idea that artists should always explore – outside the confines of genre, outside the confines of expectation – one’s own and the public’s. It stems from the idea that sometimes we need to look inside so that we can clarify the foundation that builds our fight in the outside world.  That’s how “The Thinker” came up.

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