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The family seems to be growing every year. Even though we had less participants than last year’s event in Thessaloniki, this time almost all of them was there. 40 people travelled to Eindhoven for the 3rd edition of Collagistas Festival, well… except from the locals of course. Amazing… This is why we say Collagistas Festival is an annoual meeting of collage artists in a different country. We are not only interested in your collage art but we want to meet you in person.  This is always very inspiring for us and it works for other artists too.
Lot’s of activities for all the collagistas took place this year. Workshops, many workshops by Rob Benders, Tinca Veerman, Miranda van der Zandt, Chris Rutter and Evelyn Bennet, and of course the Collage Masterclass workshop by all of us for all of us on the 2nd Day of the festival… what an expirience! This year we had our first collage installation by Chris & Evelyn and one Mural Collage by Miranda. Collagistas it’s more than another one collage exhibition. We had the chance to see different pieces of collage art together hanging on the walls of Kelderman en van Noort by Dutch, Greeks, Argentine, Irish, Germans, Belgians, Israeli, English, Italians, Czechs, Portuguese, Polish, Brazilians, Australians and French collage artists.
I was really happy to see again old friends, meet familiar faces, new people and spend time with them.

Cheers to all the collaborations which started because of Collagistas Festival