The 2nd meeting of Collagistas from all over the world took place in Thessaloniki on 22nd of May at a beautiful art space called Tabya. This time 52 collage artists participated in our festival with one grand opening where we all presented our collage works under the theme MAYDAY. Two weeks full of art, music, workshop, discussions about art and of course walking all around Thessaloniki. It was a wonderfull reunion of old friends (Kai Holland, Denis Schäfer, Silvio Severino, Rob Benders, Demos Tsormpatsoglou) and a pleasant meeting of new ones (Chris Rutter, Evelyn Bennett, Avi Yair, Aline Helmcke, Walter Paganuzzi, Linda Werner, Noir, Giorgos Chronis, Timoleon Batsaouras, Danai Gkoni, Emidio Bernardone,Claudia Chironi, Dora Kleitsaki, Tinca Veerman). The truth is that this festival is important because artists travel from all over the world to be there in person, it’s not just another one exhibition. So you have to experience it yourself as a participant or a visitor to understand what I’m talking (…or writing) about. Hope to see you in the next one!

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